Zero fees, forever.

Anonymously buy and sell crypto without a single fee.

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Trade freely

Zero Withdrawal Fees

Get all your coins to your wallet. We don't take a cut.

Zero Trading Fees

Trade for free on ZTC and NANO pairs. Premium accounts can trade for free on BTC/ETH/XMR/USD pairs.


Preventing manipulation is our goal. Bots and pump groups will be prevented. Privacy coins will always be supported.

USD pairs

Every coin gets a USD pair.


100% commited to a secure platform. Your wallets being secure is our first priority.


Decentralized exchange, meaning no user information required. The only true unregulated market as crypto should be.

You get your private keys

Never worry about a potential exit scam unlike other exchanges.

Premium subscription

We offer premium accounts which include $10,000+ trading/deposits/withdrawals, zero trading fees on BTC/ETH/XMR/USD pairs, desktop trading software, notifications, live chat support, and more for $20 per month.

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Token sale

Get Pre-ICO tokens

ZeroTrade will issue an ERC-20 token, called the ZeroTrade Coin (ZTC). A limit of 10 million ZTC will be created, never to be increased or decreased.

ZTC will be used as a trading pair to provide free trading on all coins on our exchange. The token will also be used as a way to pay for our monthly premium subscription, for the cost of one ZTC. Alternatively, you can lock up 100 ZTC for a lifetime premium account.


10,000,000 ZTC

8,000,000 - ICO
1,000,000 - Pre-ICO
1,000,000 - ZeroTrade


1 million tokens
Starts: Feb 8th 6PM PST
Ends: Feb 28th 6PM PST

1 ETH = 1000 ZTC
(50% bonus)

Soft-cap: 1000 ETH
Hard-cap: 8000 ETH

ETH Address: 0x123


8 million tokens
Starts: April 1st 6PM PST
Ends:April 30th 6PM PST

1 ETH = 500 ZTC

Soft-cap: 8000 ETH
Hard-cap: 200000 ETH

Minimum contribution: 0.1 ETH


Our focus is to make a better crypto exchange that solves today's problems of withdrawal fees, trading fees, lack of privacy, and lack of USD trading pairs. ZTC is an ERC20 standard token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Without it, we wouldn't be able to provide this exchange and it's benefits. You can buy and sell them like any currency. They will be used as a trading pair for all coins to provide zero fees and other benefits on our exchange.

Who made this?

Team Zero. We would like to stay anonymous as much as you. Cryptocurrencies threaten government-backed currencies and so we must protect ourselves and exchanges from regulations. A global digital currency will surpass fiat within the next decade and a proper exchange will support the way to our future. Treating a currency like property and taxing it heavily will not advance a global digital currency.

What makes you different from other crypto exchanges?

Zero fees for ZTC and NANO pairs. Zero fees for BTC/ETH/XMR/USD with a premium account.

When is the exchange coming?

Beta release will take 6-9 months from ICO finish to roll out.

This seems too good to be true, how do I know you will deliver?

If our ICO does not reach the soft-cap all ETH will be returned. Same rule as other ICOs. We are taking a risk trying to create something new. If you help our anonymous zero-fee no-bot exchange succeed, the entire crypto industry will be revolutionized. Instantly and anonymously purchase any crypto with no-fees, like how it is suppose to be. Our minimum contriubtion requirement is low to allow any income level to participate as the crypto market should allow.


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